Sunday, 6 December 2015

Oscar! The Siberian Husky

Sometime in December (In the Year 2014) 9 - 12 Siberian Husky's puppies had been born into the world by their mother Dakota.

The date now was 28th February 2015 the day we bring our Siberian Husky to our home, My Mum, Dad and I had already met him 2 weeks before. His name was Tiny at the time and he was the biggest and most relaxed puppy out of the litter. We were allowed to rename him so our family decided on the name Oscar.

Due to work my Mum couldn't come with us so my Dad, Brother (Erastus) and I embarked on our our little drive up north to retrieve the new member of our family. On arrival to our destination we made a bit more space in the van, then went to knock on the door. Pop opened the door and there was the one who breed the dogs and walking behind her on his stubby, short legs and ears pricked up was Oscar.

We said hello to the breeder and patted Oscar. My Dad signed several forms, we were also given a week's supply of food. Our next destination with our New Member of Our Family was the Animates pet shop because it was a pet shop we were allowed to bring our puppy. The first thing we did was go to the beds. He took ages to find his favourite bed he slept in almost every single one until he made his decision. He chose a waterproof,soft,blue,white and orange bed. We knew he wanted it because he sat on twice.

As we went to the food bowls section a little black labrador puppy walked in with its owner. They said hello to each other and wouldn't stop playing with the dog so my dad picked him up and took him to the bowl section. We picked up two clay bowls one for food and one for water. Next we asked a specialist at the shop what kind of puppy biscuits was best for a Siberian Husky they gave us a 15 kg bag. We payed for it and went home.

We took him for a walk around our house he was excited. His tail was wagging at max speed. We let him of his lead but he went straight to his bed. My mum came home and said hello then Oscar came inside with us. After playing with him we gave him dinner and then we all went to sleep.

Friday, 20 November 2015

The Long Wining Road

Using google draw we found an image of a windy road put what we wanted to achieve in our future. There will be road blocks, times when I have to stop and think and times when I go off my track. But God will always be there to get me back to our windy road and continue our Journey.

Mythological Creatures - The Minotaur

Today we conducted research that related to a book we were reading about a mythological or unidentified creature that could be true or false, like the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot,a Hydra,Cerberus(the three headed dog), the Kraken and other monsters/creatures alike. I had chosen to make a presentation about the Minotaur.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Electronic Graphs

Today I Constructed a bar graph using a google spread sheet. Firstly I entered my data in the first two columns. I then highlighted the information and chose the graph. We then entered the Title and another small heading on the left.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Triangle Angles Investigation

Image result for TrianglesThis morning in maths we investigated the angles of triangles angles of triangles.

Firstly we had drawn an equilateral triangle onto a piece of paper, from their we then cut the triangle out and and tore the three corners of the triangle. We put the three corners next to each other on an imaginary straight line. We know that a straight line is 180 degrees. We then repeated what we had already done except we used an isosceles angle.Image result for Triangles

Friday, 25 September 2015

Te Reo In Everyday Life

Walt: To use Te Reo In Our Everyday Lives