Friday, 22 August 2014

A Dog Ate My Homework

It all started last Friday. There I was stepping along confidently clutching my homework in my hand. I have to say I was pleased with it. I’d spent hours on it the night before.Then I heard it ! A low growl. It was that dog Bullet from across the street. He was a dangerous german shepherd with bloodshot eyes, razor sharp teeth and claws. His ears were pricked up and he was in a leaping stance ready to attack me. The dog and I are in slow motion, then he suddenly bursts toward me he was going to attack my homework. I quickly dodged right like I was playing with a bull. After I dodged I tried to run away and hide but the german shepherd chased me down with incredible speed and tackled be to the ground. He tried to bite my hand the one holding my homework but I pulled my arm just in time. I wrestled the dog for a while then ran to a near by tree to hide.

I looked at my homework it was crumpled but still readable. I checked if the dog was still there it was and it noticed me behind the tree it was sprinting now so I started to sprint as well. I tried to lose the dog but it was to fast I leaped over bushes climbed over fences and finally I got tired of running. I decided to use the rest of my strength to climb up a tree. But it was in vain I found out this dog can climb trees. I tried to get up. I jumped of the tree. I got down but the dog couldnt. I struck my fists up in triumph. But I felt sorry the bullet. I helped him down. He didn't chase me. He started licking me but I wasn't going to let him play Mr.Innocent. I grabbed a random stick and I threw it and the dog chased it.

That was the time I dashed for school and made my escape but the dog was fast it grabbed the stick and followed me I took the stick of him and threw it again and again and again but every few minutes I would see him behind me. It tailed me all the way to school. I went to class and I see him at the window he was drooling, he smashed the window and started eating everyone's homework. It was a disaster. The dog left with a lot of peoples homework. But the teacher was alright with it. Everyone was angry at me because they saw me lead the dog here. But that monster didn't get my work. Hahahahahaha (evil laugh). I handed it in and the teacher was very pleased. The End


Mrs Dines said...

Clever and creative and a intriguing twist at the end to. You work demonstrates clearly that you have a very strong awareness that you write to inform and in this case entertain others. Well done.

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