Wednesday, 10 December 2014

There I was walking down to the bench with my friends at MERC in Long Bay. We met up with the instructors that were taking us out to go kayaking and they explained to us what we needed and what it was for. After the quick explanation we went to go and get our tight black wetsuits that keep us warm and our thick floatable Life Jackets.

As we finished putting our Equipment on and retrieved our multi - coloured paddles we headed down to the beach to learn to reverse, turn and row. We also learnt an extra move. Instead of having to bend over to get the paddle we put the paddle on our foot, flick it up and then catch it.

After the practice we picked up our kayaks and took it to the water and placed half of it in the water. The instructor was picking out people to get into the water and kayak. My friend and I were eager to get into the water and we were at the end of the line. As we quickly got into the water when we were chosen  we shot of as fast as we could to catch up with the others.

Soon after we shot of from the beach we were in front of everyone. and following the instructor. Along the way the instructor pointed out a few Places. It was a sunny day so we could see all the places that we were shown. We continued following the instructor and we went over a rocky area. I was cruising along and then it happened. I wasn't cruising anymore I was Running over rocks that were beneath the ocean that I couldn't see. It jolted here and there as I tried to navigate my way around them. It was a jolty experience.

As we steer cleared of the rocks, I saw that the instructor was heading towards a place with no rocks. I thought finally no more jolting around in the water. But I just had to open my mouth. As I got to the so called clear area it was even worse. The water kept pushing us towards a reef. I have to say it was a cool reef. But it was really annoying. Every time I got stuck I had to push away using my paddle and it happened many many times.

After the hardship we faced of getting away from the reef it was time to go back. Once we got to shore I thought in my mind that was the most amazing experience I've ever had in the ocean. Kayaking was by far the best thing at MERC.


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