Saturday, 14 February 2015

Naruto The Final Movie

During the holidays we went to go watch a movie with my Cousin Nicholas, my brother and I watched at Hoyts Sylvia park. The movie we were watching was Naruto The Final Movie. Saturday and Sunday were the only days you could watch the movie. And all the movies were at 4:00 and took up every single cinema room so no other movie could be watched. Here is a little something about the movie it started of as a popular manga.

When we got there the cinemas was packed with fans of the Naruto series. We were lucky to even get any seats, but our seats were at the very front. We entered the cinema and found our seat. We waited and waited for the movie to start everyone who was eager to watch the movie We all were getting frustrated with how long it took for the adverts to finish. After the long wait the movie had started.

The movie was set in fictional setting in a world of ninjas with Naruto as the Main Character, an orphan whose parents died during his birth sacrificing themselves to seal a wild beast. His parents sealed the monster in Naruto.  As he grew up he had no friends and everyone would keep their distance because of the beast residing in him.  As his life went on an ancient race of crazy moon people attacked and kidnapped a citizen from his village and took her eyes for the moon peoples leader had none.

Naruto was sent with some other ninjas to find out the plans of the enemy and bring the byakugan back home. naruto and the others set off immediately. They were told that they were last seen heading towards the moon. As they touched down on the surface of the moon they saw in front of them a massive palace. They went inside and found no security so they split up into two groups. The 1st group went to find the byakugan and the 2nd went to locate and destroy their enemy plans.

The 1st group found the one that was being held captive very fast they all felt sad for the girl who had her eyes gouged out. The 2nd group went and snuck up on the enemy that was in a secret hideout deep underground. In that place was a weapon of mass destruction that was used to destroy other countries that waged war against them. There plan was to use it to destroy the world of the living. Naruto attacked the leader while the others attacked his subordinates. The battle between Naruto and the powerful moon human was big there was a big boom here and there and then it was over. The one who came on top was naruto.

Naruto ran over to the weapon and attacked the machine,  but he could not destroy it. He looked around and saw something in big letters. Self Destruction button. He pressed the button then Boom! The explosion sent naruto flying into the remaining bad guys breaking his fall.  Then they went back to their country and lived without any crazy moon people trying to destroy them.

The movie was good fun and I enjoyed it very much.


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