Thursday, 2 April 2015

Our Special Dog

On Saturday the 28th of February 2015 we went to the North Shore where we were going to pick up our new Puppy Oscar ! Oscar is a Siberian Husky with a little bit of Labrador in him. We were picking him up from a local breeder. It was my Brother (Erastus), my Dad and I going to pick up Oscar, sadly my Mum couldn't come with us due to her work.

When we got to the place we saw two big dogs in their front yard it was the mother of the puppies (A Husky) and another dog that belonged to the Breeder. We knocked on the door and the person who lived there opened the door, behind her ran our little dog Oscar with his short stubby legs.  We were given notes about the dog, a weeks supply of food and two brand new toys. After the breeder said goodbye we left carrying Oscar to the van.

When we were driving he was sitting on me then started moving towards the window and sat on my brother. It was quite amusing watching him. Our next destination was the Animates pet shop at Lunn Ave.  We got to our destination and put Oscar on his leash. My dad walked him into the shop to look for a new bed. We found a bed that Oscar liked, it was colourful and it was a big bed. The big bed was for one reason Oscar was going to get very big.

After we found the bed the woman who was petting Oscar took the bed to the counter. She came back and then we moved onto the dog bowls. We got two large bowls one for water and one for food. We were going to buy clay bowls because steel bowls move around too much. Moving on from the bowls we grabbed a massive 15 kg bag of puppy biscuits. At the counter we paid for everything, we put all our items in the back of our van and drove to our home.

Oscar and my dad, my brother and I all went exploring with our new family member. While we were exploring my Dad left us to go and make a gate because there was a place where he could escape and run away. My mum came home and She was excited to meet Oscar. She was having petting him and then I looked at the time and thought it was time for Oscars dinner and my Dad was thinking the same thing.

We opened the bag of biscuits and put one cup of the biscuits and 1/4 of can of meat for him to eat. After he ate he went to sleep. That was a special day for all of my family.


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