Wednesday, 27 May 2015

PMI Chart about Archibald Baxter

We are learning to compare contrast key ideas about the story Archibald Baxter.
Archibald Baxter is a conscientious objector who disagrees with war. He disagrees with war because he heard the mayor and a lawyer conversing about not going to war. What they said changed his life and what he thought about of war. Archibald was a very good marksman and boxer. When the government wanted him to go to war but he refused and convinced several others including his brothers not to go to war as well. When the government introduced military conscription he still refused but they kidnapped them and took them to the military bases overseas. They tortured them in many ways but he survived throughout the torture and war then returned home. He got married and had two children. One of their children became a conscientious objector in WWII and the other became a famous New Zealand poet.


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