Saturday, 19 April 2014

Fencible Cottage

It was the 25th of march 2014. Not one class, but every class in Saint Patrick’s School, visited the Stone Cottage.  
Two people named Josephine and Angela, who volunteer their time to show people around the cottage on specific days for the public, gave up their time to show  and tell us about the cottage, artifacts and clothing within the cottage that represented one that would have housed a Fencible family. Josephine wore clothes that the woman would have wore in the 1840s. When we entered we went into a room with paintings, old chairs and bibles.  When we entered we were told about their 1 pound family bible and a over 100 year old hand sewn piece of furniture. In that room there were also pictures of a soldier and other soldiers that worked with him.

The next room I went into was a girls room. It was a very old looking room. It had 18th century dolls that looked scary because they had pale faces. In the room there was a lot of old girl clothes they would have worn in there time. One of the dresses were worn by three generations of babies. What I found interesting was that the sheets and blankets were all hand sewn.

My favorite room was the upstairs room on the right. I found that room the most interesting because of the old cameras, the old books and the gold rock. The old camera was really cool because they weren't like the cameras we use today at all. They were not powered with batteries.

The Fencible cottage was a really interesting place full of history.
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