Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Challenges We Will Face and Strategies We Will Use



  • Possums/Rodents
  • Working With Others
  • People Stealing
  • Sting Ray, Jelly Fish
  • Scared Of Heights
  • Being Injured
  • Sharing a Room
  • Invading Privacy
  • No experience
  • Getting Lost
  • Homesick
  • Food
  • Running out of Clothes
  • Clothes
  • Being Sent Home
  • Swimming
  • Sharks, Dolphin, Whales


  • Sleep on the top bunk so you're the last to get annoyed by the Rodents/Possums
  • a
  • Don't Bring anything expensive (phones,tablets,watches etc.)
  • Sting Ray - Stay Still Don’t Panic   Jellyfish - Swim for your life
  • Scared of Heights - Don’t Look Down (Unless you have too)
  • Being Injured - Be Careful, Bring a First Aid Kit,
  • Have a Sleepover Before Camp (with family or friends not Strangers)
  • Invading Privacy -
  • No Experience - Have a good time with your first experience of camp
  • Getting Lost - Don't wonder of
  • Homesick -
  • Food - If you're hungry you're going to eat the food
  • If you run out of clothes then wear the same clothes again (but you shouldn’t run out because you’re only there for three days).
  • Being Sent Home - Listen to instructions and do the right thing
  • Swimming - if you do not know how to swim everyone wears a life jacket.
  • Sharks, Dolphins, Whales - The instructors will tell you if there's a shark - you can watch the dolphins and whales.

If you are afraid of rodents, possums etc then there are two possible ways of avoiding contact with the creatures. You can sleep on the top bunk so you are annoyed by the rodents last or you can tell the people in your dorm not to eat or bring food into the dorm.

If you are afraid of something important/expensive being stolen by other people. Do not bring anything important/expensive with you. If it is stolen the teachers and instructors take no responsibility if it is stolen because you are not supposed to bring things like that.

If you are scared of heights, this might be really hard for some people but don’t look down unless you really have too. If you do get stuck people will encourage you to keep going.

If you are scared of getting injured be very careful walking around the dangerous areas. You can also avoid injury by listening to instructions. However if you do get injured or think your going to get injured bring your own first aid kit.


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