Friday, 25 September 2015

Persuasive Reading Analysis - Best Advertisement

Persuasive Reading Analysis: Best Advertisement Ever
We are learning to identify the strategies used by the writers to persuade their viewer audience .
Persuasive strategy
Yes / No
How the author used it?
Claim – States the main  
point or stance
I believe the purpose of the advertisement is to make the audience think about the small or big things they can do to make another person's life happier or change the world around them.
Big Names –  Mentions experts and
important people to support the argument

Ethos – Tries to build trust and credibility
Six actors support the the message being given to the audience in this clip. Every day the main character visits these people/animals. The audience sees that through the man's generosity, kindness and compassion the lives of those he visits had changed in a good way.
Pathos – Appeals to the audience’s emotions
The advert makes the audience feel many emotions in different parts of the advert. The music that is played throughout the clip enhances the ad and it brings out the audience's emotions more.
Logos – Uses logic, numbers, or  facts to support the argument

The clip shows facts that their are poor people living on the streets that you can help.
Kairos – Builds a sense of urgency  for the cause
The audience is given a sense of urgency by the actions of the man who does all the good things for the people. It makes you want to be like him and help the people in the community.
Research – Uses studies and  
information to make the  
argument seem more convincing;  this can be in the form of words, graphs, tables, or illustrations.


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