Tuesday, 1 September 2015

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Assessment task: Year 7 Holy Spirit Strand
The Holy Spirit in the the old testament was called the Spirit of God.
The coming of the Holy Spirit in Pentecost was an Important event in the Old Testament.
Jesus prepared for his Ministry by retreating to the Desert for forty days.
The Prophets told the people how God wanted them to live.
The Holy Spirit was recognised as the Breath of Life on the Old Testament
Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit when he started School.
The Trinity means the relationship between God, Jesus and Mary.
John the Baptist Baptised Jesus at the Church of Saint John.
The Apostles and Other Disciples were empowered by the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

What did the Holy Spirit Enable the Apostles to do in and after the Pentecost event ?

How could the Power - Mana of the Holy Spirit be Seen in Jesus?

What was the Mission God had given to Jesus?

At his Baptism Jesus
Inspired the Judges, Kings and Prophets
Jesus was prepared by his Ministry by
The Holy spirit is imaged in the Old Testament as
The Breath of God is one way
empowered by the Holy Spirit
The Spirit of God
accepted what God had sent him to do on Earth
After Pentecost the Apostles were
his Baptism, his prayer and his time in the Desert.


Mrs Dines said...

Great work Avishek, showing the depth of understanding you have achieved across this strand.

Caesar said...

Great job Avishek, You have shown the world and myself that you know a lot about the Holy Spirit.

Kurt said...

great work avishek

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