Tuesday, 4 August 2015


We are learning to analyse text to identify examples of ethos, pathos, logos.

Persuasive Reading Analysis: Cell Phones
Persuasive strategy
Yes / No
How the author used it?
Claim – States the main  
point or stance
The author makes s/he claim in the title of the story saying “ The Great Mobile Debate, Should Children have Cell Phones? ”.
Big Names –  Mentions experts and
important people to support the argument

Logos – Uses logic, numbers, or  
facts to support the argument
The Author uses facts and logic to support his/her debate e.g. “Children continue to use mobiles despite the obvious risk to their health. Mobile phones emit a dosage of radiation, which is harmful to the user and cause severe brain damage”.
Pathos – Appeals to the audience’s emotions
The author appeals to the feelings of the audience when the author says that “ parents should be wary of their children if they have a phone because their is chance they will be threatened or cyber bullied ”.                                       
Ethos – Tries to build trust and
The author has credit because s/he is very knowledgeable of the dangers/cons and the good things/pros of having  cellphones.
Kairos – Builds a sense of urgency  
for the cause

Research – Uses studies and  
information to make the  
argument seem more convincing;  
this can be in the form of words,
graphs, tables, or illustrations


Mrs Dines said...

You are strongly developing your skills of analysis Avishek. What information can you find in analysis that shows the person has done come research?

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