Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Which is Better

I have seen many people argue and argue for long periods of time about this. Which is a better pet, a dog or a cat?
Let's first talk about the pros of having a cute and cuddly canine. Dogs have been used for centuries by farmers. They round up the sheep, scare of rodents and help farmers and hunters hunt wild game. When they are trained they help policemen bring justice by catching criminals, sniffing for illegal item/s (drugs), they guide blind people and can work as guard dogs. They are very fun to play with. They are loyal to their master and Dogs are well known for their endurance, trust and ability to adapt to any terrain or habitat.
This brings me to the cons of having a Dog. Mans best friend aren't always so friendly. According to information from researchers/scientist over 1000 dog attacks happen a year in the world (most dog attacks happen because of mistreatment to dogs). Although most dog bites aren't fatal they still prove to be a danger to a person's life.
The pros of having a cat are that they are wonderful companions that love to keep your company. They are more likely to snooze on your lap than dogs would. They are friendly and are very funny. If you let them outside they love to play they go on adventures so sometimes they will go missing for a few hours.
How ever there are cons to having a cat. There presence in the world is not wanted by many people (bird caretakers etc). Over 3.75 billion birds are killed a year by cats around the world. Cats use their agility, silence, sneakiness and camouflage abilities to kill. Many birds are endangered or extinct because of these felines.

So which is better the loyal hound or the flexible cat ? Considering all the information, I have presented, Where do you stand?


Mrs Dines said...

Your view is presented clearly. I like the way you have made your reader audience think again about the information you have given then and directed them to consider this before making their decision.

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