Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Hey Little Ant

Reading Analysis : Hey Little Ant

We are Learning to identify ethos, logos, pathos

The clip starts with a single perspective  that ants are worthless and should be squashed.The Actor portraying the boy several reasons as to why he should squash ants.

These Include:

  • they steal human food
  • they make a mess
  • they're dirty
  • his friend squash ants too
  • his mum says they're dirty

The actor portraying the ant speaks of several reasons why they should not squash ants

These include :
  • they only need a little bit of food for their colony
  • they need to feed the queen, baby ants,
  • the ant talks about how he would feel if they swapped places e.g Would you want to be squashed if you were an ant


Mrs Dines said...

You have shown the two perspectives in this situation involving the Boy and the Ant.

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