Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Homework Should Be Banned - Reading Analysis

We are learning to analyse a piece of persuasive text using: ethos, pathos and logos.
Persuasive Reading Analysis : Homework Should Be Banned
Persuasive strategy
Yes / No
How the author used it?
Claim – States the main  
point or stance
The author has stated their thoughts to the audience about what they think in order to persuade us to back their idea up, e.g “ Most kids get far too much homework”.Close reading informs the reader that the writer is targeting homework for little children which I interpret as 5 and 6 year olds
Big Names –  Mentions experts and important people to support the argument

Logos – Uses logic, numbers, or  facts to support the argument
The author used true facts to persuade the audience further into thinking what they think, e.g   “ it’s well known that kids are not as fit as they should. and sitting around doing homework is dreadfully unhealthy ”.
Pathos – Appeals to the audience’s emotions
The author also thinks about the feelings of the  audience (as a parent and as a child), e.g “ Kids work hard all day so they need time to recover and if they have homework to worry about it stresses out the children and parents.
Ethos – Tries to build trust and credibility


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