Saturday, 14 December 2013

Freddie's Factory

We are learning to persuade people build/not build a factory on our courts. I know I have learnt this when I have created a persuasive story and made a blog post. This is my story.

                                                      Saint Patrick School 

Freddie Fletcher
Fletcher Food Factories
Dear Freddie,
I think you should not build a factory in our school. Having  a factory in a school is horrible, having factory in school is bad, having a factory in a school is crazy.

Fletcher's company should not build a factory because they will take away our courts. We wont be able  to play any sports. All the people that like basketball wont be able to play. Having no court in our school is the worst thing in the world that could happen.

They should not build the factory because it will be noisy  and will disturb the other children that are learning.Would you want your learning to be disturbed every day? I wouldn't. The factory would affect our learning because we won't be able to hear the teacher. If that happens we won't learn and we will become dumb. Not concentrating is bad , not concentrating is terrible, not concentrating is awful.

Another reason not to build the factory is because the factory could cause a fire . The fire might be caused if a worker leaves something hot on a wooden bench over night. If theirs a fire it will destroy the school hall and church. It will also destroy our learning tools like our Chromebooks and it will be gone forever. Fire is bad, fire is fierce, fire is terrible.

If you put the factory our courts it wont be fun and if you make a lot of noise we wont be able to learn.


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